Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between The Elite Vendors Network, henceforth referred to as “EVN” ,“US” “OUR” or “WE” and our Members, henceforth referred to as “MEMBER”, “VENDOR”, or “YOU”.


EVN is an organisation that focuses on supporting, building and promoting businesses in the event industry. We are owned and run by wedding and event industry professionals, who are passionate about connecting vendors and making them visible to potential clients. EVN was started in 2015 and since our formation we have been responsible for connecting hundreds of vendors. We know that what we do works. Our aim is to help the industry to move forward, and excel, by bringing a diverse industry together. We want to educate and inspire business owners to expand and grow their business. We provide services and information that promotes small UK event businesses primarily from African, Caribbean & ethnic minority backgrounds. We want our members to be recognised, appreciated and acknowledged in a crowded industry making them feel part of a community and helping them to grow.



1.1. These terms and conditions form the entire agreement between EVN and our Members.

1.2. All Members acknowledge that they have not relied upon any statement, promise, representation, assurance or warranty made or given by EVN which is not set out in these terms and conditions.

1.3. Membership starts on the date you purchase membership by paying the membership Fee. 1.4. This agreement will become binding on the member and EVN once you have indicated your acceptance in the Declaration of becoming an EVN member. You will be entitled to all the rights and privileges set for the Type of Membership chosen, subject to your timely payment of the fees and charges set out below and the successful processing of your payment instruction.


2.1. The services we provide to Members are set out on our website, under Membership and subject to the category of Membership subscribed to include as follows:

2.1.1. Listing your business on our website

2.1.2. Leads and referrals of customers, clients and buyers who require the services you provide

2.1.3. Discounts with our Partners

2.1.4. Marketing and featuring your business on our social media and online platforms

2.1.5. Access to our exclusive Members only group chats

2.1.6. Business Template documents

2.1.7. Produce marketing video for your business

2.2. The services we provide are non-exclusive to our Members and will be provided with reasonable, skill, care and diligence.

2.3. We reserve the right to make changes to the services we provide at any time during your Membership period and will give notice of such changes.

2.4. You acknowledge that there may be times through no fault of our own that one of the services may not be available and we will not be liable to you in those instances.


3.1. Members are expected to comply with all rules and guidelines in force by EVN available on request and can be found in our handbook.

3.2. If any Member is found to have breached the following mandatory rules they will be immediately expelled as a Member. The mandatory rules are:

3.2.1. As a Member you agree not to use offensive, racist, sexist, abusive or discriminatory language or to act in an offensive, racist, sexist, abusive or discriminatory way on any EVN platforms, towards EVN staff, EVN Members and any third parties associated with EVN

3.2.2. As a Member you agree not to bring EVN into disrepute either by your conduct or the conduct of your business and business practices, this includes but is not limited to conviction of a criminal offence, bankruptcy, company being struck off Companies House register or disqualification from acting as a director of a Company


4.1. All categories of membership, whether or not mentioned in these Terms, shall be subject to the Membership Agreement and to the rules, bylaws and regulations of EVN which are in force at the time. Details of each type of membership are available on request from EVN and can be found on our website.


5.1. All Members are required to pay a one off joining fee according to the category of Membership subscribed to and an annual Membership fee.

5.2. The Membership fee is due in full at the start of Membership and annually or quarterly depending on your subscription plan, subject to any promotions or discounts in place at the time you subscribe for Membership.

5.3. Membership renews automatically each year unless terminated and payment is by direct debit annually or quarterly , unless Membership is cancelled.

5.4. Any query concerning Fees shall be made to us within 10 working days from the date of the invoice. Any query concerning the charges shall not affect your obligation as a Member to pay on time. After this point the charges will be considered accepted.

5.5. We reserve the right to increase or change the annual membership fees at any point from the commencement of your contract subject to us giving a minimum 10 days’ notice.

5.6. Where your annual Membership payment fails because:
• The direct debit details you gave us were wrong;
• There are not enough funds in your bank account;
• You have cancelled your direct debit without giving us the notice we need
• Or, if you fail to pay any monies due under this agreement or if any Direct Debit/cheque is returned unpaid or if any other form of payment is not honoured for whatever reason

5.6.1. You agree to pay us on demand (i) an initial administration fee of £50; and (ii) any and all further reasonable costs incurred by us in recovering the due fees and charges from you, including costs in tracing you if you have changed your address without telling us.


6.1. In the unfortunate circumstances you want to cancel your Membership, you should notify us in writing. You must give us no less than 28 days’ notice of cancellation before the date of renewal, if we do not receive notice by this time, the full annual subscription becomes payable.

6.2. You can inform us of your wish to cancel by contacting us by email: contact@elitevendorsnetwork.com

6.3. On receipt of your membership cancellation request we will cancel your membership and notify you by email and confirm the expiry date of your membership. Once membership cancellation has been confirmed, it is your responsibility to cancel the direct debit instruction with your bank.

6.4. On cancellation of Membership you will stop receiving Membership Services and you are required to cease using our badges and logos and from making any statement whether in writing or otherwise that you are or suggests that you are a Member or associated with EVN.


7.1. We reserve the right to expel you from the Elite Vendors Network membership with notice if, at any time:

7.1.1. You break the conditions of your Membership Agreement

7.1.2. You do not comply with the rules and regulations of EVN. (We may change the EVN rules and regulations at any time.)

7.1.3. Your conduct, whether or not such conduct is the subject of a complaint by another member or group of members, is such that in our opinion, it may be injurious to the character, name or interests of the EVN or is such that it makes you unfit to associate with other members of the network

7.1.4. Any part of your subscription payment which is due and payable remains unpaid 30 days after the due date for payment.

7.1.5. We may end your membership for any reason by giving you one full calendar month’s written notice to cancel it. In these circumstances you will not have to pay any additional subscriptions and we will not refund any subscriptions you have paid in advance for the period after cancellation.

7.1.6. If you are a corporate member, we reserve the right to cancel your corporate membership if the agreement we have in place with the company you are associated with or employed by ends or if you are no longer associated with or employed by that company. We will be entitled to act on any notice the company gives to say that you are no longer associated with or employed by them. Your company or we will tell you when your corporate membership
ends. We will then contact you to ascertain if you wish to remain a member of the EVN and outline the options open to you.

7.1.7. Lapses in your subscription payments may incur a new joining fee.

7.2. We have the right to revoke membership at any given time without notice to you and without refund of the membership fee.

7.3. On termination of Membership you will stop receiving Membership Services and you are required to cease using our badges and logos and from making any statement whether in writing or otherwise that you are or suggests that you are a Member or associated with EVN.


8.1. We hope that you will not have a reason to complain, but should an issue arise and you wish to complain. You must notify us in writing within 30 days of the subject of the complaint. Unless the circumstances are exceptional, we will not be able to adequately investigate and respond to your complaint outside that period. You can contact us by email on membership@elitevendorsnetwork.com with your complaint.


9.1. You agree that you will not post, tweet or otherwise share via social media any negative statement or images in relation to EVN.

9.2. You agree to give a non-exclusive licence to EVN to upload content that you create in association with us or connected to us. You will be credited for any work you create uploaded on our social media platforms.

9.3. By becoming a Member and if you attend any of our events or receive our services, you grant us a non-exclusive licence to feature this on our social media and marketing platforms.


10.1. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, force majeure means an event beyond the reasonable control of the Vendor included but limited to strikes, lock-outs or other industrial disputes (whether involving the workforce of the Supplier or any other party), failure of a utility service or transport network, death of the Monarch, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm or default of suppliers or subcontractors. We would recommend that you consider taking out event insurance.

10.2. The Elite Vendor Network will not be liable for any loss or damage and no refund shall be payable by the EVN to the Vendor as a result of any delay or failure to perform the obligations under these terms and conditions as a result of a Force Majeure Event.

11. GDPR

11.1. The Elite Vendors Network and the Vendor warrant it will take all necessary steps to ensure it operates within the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 and once effective (from and including the 25th May 2018), the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2018/679) and any national implementing laws, regulations and secondary legislation, as amended or updated from time to time, in the UK.


12.1. The Elite Vendors Network and members agree to keep any and all confidential information that is obtained about the other strictly confidential. Confidential information means any information or matter concerning the business, finances technology or affairs of the other party which is not in the public domain (other than by breach of this clause) but shall not include any information that either party’s required to disclose by law of which has come into public domain other than by breach of this clause. This clause shall survive termination of the contract.


13.1. For each member the data stored is:
1. Name
2. Address
3. Telephone numbers
4. Email address
5. Amount and method of payment
8.Date of becoming a member

13.2. Details of all members are transferred to the EVN CRM system, for those who have given permission. Names and contact details are shared with members of the Elite Vendors Network Leadership team in order to manage the EVN and its activities. All information may be shared with the Elite Vendors Network Leadership team for accounting purposes.


14.1. If any of these terms and conditions are held void or unenforceable in whole or in part by any Court or other competent authority, the remaining provisions, and the remainder of the provisions affected shall remain in full force and effect.


15.1. A person who is not party to these terms and conditions shall not have any rights to enforce its terms.


16.1. The Elite Vendors Network accepts no liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense to any person or possession however caused other than for death or personal injury caused by the Vendors act or negligence whilst carrying out their Services.

16.2. If an event or service is suspended or not able to take place due to occurrences outside of the Suppliers control, the EVN will not be liable for any loss or damage and no refund will be payable. 16.3. Except in cases of death or personal injury caused by the Network negligence, the Network shall not be liable to the Member by reason of any representation (unless
fraudulent or negligent) for any loss of profit or any indirect, special or consequential loss, damage costs, expenses or other claims (whether caused by the negligence of the Network or its agents or otherwise).

16.4. EVN makes no guarantees that leads or referrals will be provided or will lead to a buyer, customer or client purchasing your services and in no circumstances, we will be liable to you if being a Member does not generate customers for you and there are no purchases of your services or products.


17.1. All proprietary and intellectual property rights in work that includes but is not limited to all documents, footage, artwork, videos, footage and media created by EVN for the performance of Member Services or for you belong to EVN.

17.2. EVN grants you a non-exclusive license to use its trademarks, copyrights and any work prepared for you as part of your Membership subscription solely for the duration of Membership, subject to any terms within these Terms and Conditions.

17.3. EVN reserves the right to revoke the non-exclusive licence to use its trademarks, copyrights and any work prepared for you as part of your Membership at any time and for any reason, without explanation to you and by notifying you in writing that permission to use EVN intellectual property is removed.

17.4. On receiving notification that you are no longer permitted to use EVN intellectual property, you agree to stop using and immediately remove all work, copyrights and trademarks used by you or featured on your website, social media platforms or in any other format or platform.

17.5. On termination or cancellation of Membership, your non-exclusive licence ceases, the following applies:

17.5.1. You may make a request in writing for the non=exclusive licence to continue, permission to continue using our intellectual property is at our sole discretion and this will be confirmed in writing

17.5.2. Subject to any clauses in this agreement, when your non-exclusive licence ends you are required to cease using and immediately remove all work created by us for you and all copyrights and trademarks owned by us on your website, social media platforms or any other media, platform, marketing platform, document or otherwise used by you for the promotion of your services or otherwise.

17.6. Any individual or business attempting to copy or duplicate our identity, artwork or concepts will be charged.

18. LAW

18.1. We may change these Terms at any time. When we do make changes that affect you, we will give you reasonable notice of the changes that we plan to make. If you are not happy with the changes you may cancel your membership without refund.


19.1. It is your responsibility to make sure that the Network has your most up to date contact information; this includes postal address, email address and phone numbers.


20.1. Your membership agreement is governed by the laws of England and any disputes will be dealt with in the English Courts. These terms and conditions between the Parties shall be governed by English law and the English courts will have authority to settle any dispute.

20.2. Please note that amendments cannot be made to these terms and conditions unless agreed by both parties in writing.