Shoot Your Best Shot By Dean Carby

Shoot Your Best Shot By Dean Carby

There is a popular phrase they often say in the States which is: “Shoot your shot” or “Shoot your best shot”. In England we would probably say something along the lines of “Put your best foot forward…”
The Urban Dictionary says To let go of your pride and pursue someone you are interested in”, I’m going to say To let go of your pride and pursue someone or ­something you are interested in”
Photographers in the group know all about ‘Shooting your best shot.” It means to take the chances and opportunities that you have in front of you, and to capture the events and moments that you have right in front of you that you to catch there and then, or they may not come again.
My message to you reading this today is just to try something new tomorrow, or the next day or next week.
Maybe you don’t need to rush in, you can actually sit and think  about it, but like the common slogan associated with the big sports company that is causing waves on social media right now says’ “Just Do It”…and make sure you do ‘do it’.
The cliché lines says “try something that scares you everyday”. I’m not going to tell you to try something that scares you, but to try something that you think might be ‘unlikely’ or a slightly out of your league.
Call the person that you think hasn’t got time for you, send that email to the CEO, get into your inspiration or role model’s DMs…ask that man or woman out on a date…you never know…. You never know what could happen when you do something a bit unusual. Something that is just outside of your comfort zone, but not terrifying enough to paralyse you into not taking any action at all.
Shooting your best shot doesn’t mean you have to step on, or annoy, others either, it just means that you’re going to do the best you can to better yourself in the game, but always remember to respect the rules of the game.
Here are just some of the things that I didn’t know when I first tried…

  • I didn’t know that when I first started DJing I would start a business
  • I didn’t know when I first started playing Afrobeats I would make a name for myself in the African Wedding market
  • When I first picked up the dirty mic in the council estate where my first pirate radio show was and stuttered and stammedred through my words I didn’t know anyone would want to listen to me.
  • When I bought my first 6 pieces of staging (which I still have to this day) I didn’t know that it would take me in the direction of custom staging, dance floors, set building and production.
  • When I sent out my first quote I didn’t know how much it was possible to charge.
  • When I agreed to DJ at my Uni friend’s wedding in Wandsworth Town Hall I didn’t know that it was there that I would meet Mary.
  • When I asked Mary’s mum if I could take her on a date I didn’t know I would be marrying her.
  • I didn’t know when I first added the first 10 people to this group anyone would stay.
  • I didn’t know the Whatsapp Group would become the Elite Vendors Network.
  • When Milktay gave me some time on his show last year I didn’t know I would do another one this year and now doing 2 interviews on the same day.
  • When I asked Neptizzle & Abass for a chance to talk about the network I didn’t know they would say yes.

…and these are just a few of the things I didn’t know would be positive when I first made a decision to make an attempt; I could list many many more.
For the first time ever in my life, I will be on radio and on TV tomorrow in the same day. Some people would probably advise me to be quiet about this and not share with the group, because it could be seen as showing off…and no one likes a show off lol…
However, I believe that I need to share this with the group that is allowing me this opportunity, because if there was no group there would be no EVN, and if there was no EVN there would be no interviews for me, not about this anyway, something I actually love doing, and extremely passionate about.
Even if I never ever get another interview on TV or radio again as long as I live tomorrow’s date will be marked in my calendar forever and I’ll tell my grandchildren that there was a time when people wanted to hear me speak lol
To the Elite Vendors Network, I’m serious when I say thank you for everyone that has stuck with this thing and supported it from the beginning or even more recently. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to say on these 2 shows tomorrow, but what I do know is I’m going to go on air and ‘Shoot My Best Shot’ and represent this network as best as I can.
Thank you to DJ Neptizzle & DJ Abass for the slot.
The next EVN networking event is this Sunday 23rd at The Hilton Tower Bridge. Tickets available via Eventbrite:
See you there.
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