EVN Membership – Business Tier


Membership Benefits – 12 Month Subscription

£25 Monthly

  • 1x Full Page Interactive Website Listing, Extra Charge For 2nd Listing*
  • Membership Benefits**
  • Your business will be included in a list of businesses that will be sent out to potential clients
  • The chance to get business leads, referrals & opportunities!
  • Blog Post(s) (a minimum of 1 per year)***
  • A minimum of 1 social media post per year (on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn)
  • Use of the EVN Badge on your website & social media pages
  • Access To Facebook & WhatsApp Group Chats (Optional)
  • Listing Fee: £280 for 1 year, plus no sign-up fee (for a limited time) **** Then only £280 a year after that!
    * Extra charge of £100.00 for 2nd listing for 2 years** All members will receive discounts from the majority of present and future EVN services as well discounts from events and discount from other vendors who participate in the discount scheme*** Each vendor can have several blog posts on the website if required, but there will be at least one post a year that the EVN team actively contacts each vendor to request and curate a blog post.**** This price is an introductory fee and is only for a limited time, and can be changed at any time. This fee includes a sign-up fee worth £30 also. The final fee of the total of £199.00 is paid upfront upon agreement, within 7 days. If the vendor cannot pay in full there will be a charge of £40.00 in total if paid quarterly coming to £239.00. The quarterly fee must be paid within 12 months from the agreement date.