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From growing up, Andy Sarfo has always been a performer. He would gather pots and pans and perform to them regularly from the the age of 5 years in While growing up in GHANA, West Africa.

It was on coming to the UK at the age of 10 where his passion for the arts was recognise through church activities where Andy would sing and dance his way through youth meetings, setting up of instruments and every opportunity given.

At the age of 12, Andy released a music album in his native language of Twi and toured nationwide singing on any stage that was available to him.

Andy then became part of a musician collective where he would write and produce music, sing, rap, act, while perfecting each of these craft to become the all round performer we know and love today.

This era in Andy’s journey birthed the entertainer.

Since then, Andy has gone on to spark change in his community by launching an initiative against gun and knife crime, working alongside award winning acts like Guvna B, FaithChild and more.

2017 saw Andy awarded the Best Wedding MC award for his efforts and dedication to hosting.

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