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Favour Catering and Events

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FAVOUR Catering and Events are an awarding winning family run business with 20 years of culinary experience. Our passion is to provide tasty, authentic, beautifully presented Afro-Caribbean food. We design both our menus and recipes to specifically suite each client and event to ensure that the entire customer experience – from initial meeting to the main event – is friendly and professional.

We have catered for some of the biggest brands and companies including The NHS, Facebook, Ebay, Ethiopian Airlines, TedX etc…and have experience catering for events of 1500+ to smaller events of 20-30 delegates; all served with the same level of upstanding service. We also fully staff events with a catering supervisor, waiting staff, chefs and porters.

We are committed to improving and promoting sustainable practices and we are the approved caterers to some of UK’s finest venues including Kew Gardens, Syon House & Gardens, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hilton London, Park Lane and many more….



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