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Beauty Boudoir

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Imelda is a professional and qualified London based freelance makeup artist who specialises in TV & Film, bridal, fashion, commercial, editorial and makeup for other occasions.
She has always had a growing passion for beauty and the techniques involved in enhancing  people’s beauty.

With over 8 years experience, Imelda has worked on large scale concerts and conferences including at London’s O2 & Wembley Arenas where she led teams of highly skilled hair & makeup artists ensuring everyone is camera ready before going on stage.  She also  holds  a “Diploma in Beauty & Makeup” from one of London’s finest beauty schools and only works using the best tools and products on every job.

Her ever growing brand has a team of highly trained and certified makeup artists, which means you can have the “Beauty-Boudoir” experience anytime and anywhere you want.

Her client list includes:
Vogue Italia
Shinghai (Noisettes)
Aisha Jawando (West End’s Tina Turner)
Hillsong London
New African Woman Magazine
BlackHair Magazine
Pride Magazine
Queens Magazine Ghana
Afrobeats TV
Zackary Momoh

to name a few..

Imelda’s ever growing passion for what she does means she pays particular attention to detail and works hard at bringing out the very best in every client.

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