The First Ever Business Shower Brunch!

The First Ever Business Shower Brunch!

Business Shower Brunch
Hello everyone,
Hope you’ve all had a restful / productive weekend and start to the new year so far!
For those that don’t know me, my name is Mary Fashanu (popularly known as MaryFash 😁)
I am the founder of and event planner at Eminent Events under Eminent Management Ltd!
The EVN Leadership Team has asked me to give the Motivational Monday – talking about our upcoming event, the first ever ‘The Business Shower Brunch’.
The event was brought to life from a WhatsApp post where it talked about people should not only have baby and bridal showers; but have more of business showers where family and friends support their loved ones and their dreams etc.
Now that struck me and I became interested because:

  1. I’ve always wanted a platform where I can encourage women to be all that God has purposed for them regardless of the societal norm – regardless of who they are (wife, mother etc). This idea came to me when I moved back to Nigeria and I realised that there is a high level of women who are ok with their status quo, although I could see that they were capable of achieving more.
  2. I’ve had women in my life who have had the courage to start a business, but yet lack some basic business ethics, structure and strategy.
  3. There are women out there who actually want to start following their dreams, visions and passions, but they need guidance on how to start.

These are just some of the reasons I thought that the “Business Shower Brunch” is the right platform for aspiring women; whilst networking in a relaxed and inspiring brunch environment.
The event is a 3 hour brunch event. It is an exclusive platform in Manchester, where events of this nature for women of colour don’t take place very often compared to London, where women will be motivated and encouraged toward business growth and successes.
The guest speakers will be:

  • Mary Fashanu – Founder of Eminent Events Management / Co-Founder of Business Shower Brunch
  • Olamiposi Hunter – Creative Director of Hunters Cocktails / Co-Founder of Business Shower Brunch
  • Sherrine Walrond – Founder & Managing Director of IVY Wild
  • Seyi Ayinla – Founder, LoveWeddingsNG

Business Shower BrunchBusiness Shower BrunchBusiness Shower BrunchBusiness Shower Brunch
These speakers have been chosen specifically for this first event because most of the speakers will speak along the value chain of business development and growth.
The plan is to host the event quarterly throughout 2019 and following years; and we bring guest speakers who are experts in their fields or people we believe have life experience to share with other women to learn. Each event hosts 25-30 women.
We also aim to collaborate with experts in different industries that can actually help our women members. So, for example if a woman requires help in structure and strategy – we would have a company in our hub to help our members on that at a discounted fees because they are coming through us and as a reason of our collaboration with them.
The Business Shower Brunch is women only platform for now; who knows what the future holds. But we still accept speakers of both genders.
We are just starting and developing but we hope very soon we would have everything in place.
We are so overwhelmed by the amount of support we have received so far including that from the Elite Vendors Network; and having a SOLD OUT first event in Manchester – it can only mean that women are actually looking for something like this.
As much as I believe being a business owner or person is not for everyone, but I would like every woman to actually desire to find out what their purpose is and try as much as possible to fulfil them.
The brunch won’t just be for Manchester only, we aim to move it around – we are hoping our third event will be in Birmingham and last one for the year in London.
We are always seeking for sponsors, partners and volunteer guest speakers. Feel free to hit us up if you would like to support us in any of the areas mentioned. You can reach out to me or Posi of Hunters cocktails also.
Our social media platforms for now are:
IG: @businessshowerbrunch
Twitter: @business_shower
Thank you for your time and apologies for the long message. Here’s wishing you a great and productive week.
MaryFash of Eminent Events @officialeminent
Business Shower Brunch