Don't Miss Out On Your Government Grant!

Don’t Miss Out On Your Government Grant!

Don’t Miss Out On the coronavirus Local Authority Discretionary Grant IF you are eligible of course!

Most councils are handing out between £3,000 – £10,000 to help small businesses and some councils have just gotten fresh money from the government.

I have been hearing about some of our EVN group members (who wish to remain anonymous) receiving government gifts of £5,000 – £10,000!

Local Authority Discretionary Grant

It’s called the discretionary business grant and you can find more information and apply here:

This is not a loan and you won’t have to pay it back, apart from via multiple taxes for the next century! lol

Kashi Isaac-Salawu from Eden Event Design had the following to say recently…

It is real guys! And it has been overlooked by many because it is easy to get it mixed it up with the initial Business Retail Grant rolled out earlier in the lockdown and just presume ineligibility, but it is worthwhile to note the following important things:

  1. You DO NOT NEED to have a business rate reference number to apply for this grant; It is actually designed for businesses without one!
  2. In most boroughs, you DO NOT NEED a trading retail premises, it is ok if your business only has a non-trading one i.e. storage garages, containers, self-storage. If you work from home or work mobile on the go i.e. driving instructors, call out plumbers, freelance wedding planners you could be eligible for this grant. They know that not every business has the need for an office / shop / retail space. In fact it was designed for micro-businesses. Check eligibility criteria with your local authority.
  3. You DO NOT NEED to be a registered as Ltd company as long as you are registered company.

However, you need to prove that you are a registered profit making business especially within the hospitality industry and you have been affected by the COVID lockdown; examples of evidence is 1 month business bank statements during the lockdown.

Local Authority Discretionary Grant

There are a few things worth mentioning though:

  • Each borough’s evidence criteria, length of process is different and the amount awarded is based on their discretion of the evidence you provide, but I do not know anyone who has received less than £3,000.
  • Although most boroughs have now closed this few weeks after I initially posted it in the Elite Vendors Network WhatsApp group last month, the great news is that some are reopening applications for a second phase, because not many people heard about this, and many dismissed due to the confusion with the first grant.
  • Some boroughs call it Local Economic Grant so worth to note this when checking
  • If your council website application has closed and nothing about a second phase published, still send them an email with a brief history of your business and point out you are in the hospitality industry then asked to be added to a reserve list in case there are still residual funds left after they’ve paid out all of the existing valid applications.

Good luck!

Kashi x

P.S If you need a draft email me: 😊

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