Adebayo Deru's First Workshop - Nov 2018!

Adebayo Deru’s First Workshop – Nov 2018!

Adebayo Deru Workshop
After 10 years in the industry, Adebayo Deru is hosting his first ever workshop titled ‘See Beyond’ in London, UK on Saturday the 3rd of November 2018!
For those who don’t know Adebayo he is incredibly well known in Black UK Wedding Photography. His way of being able to capture timeless and priceless moments with both pre-planned and candid story telling has made him a wedding industry favourite for many years now. His eye for detail and design has made many special days and moments truly last forever. He has happily served many clients with his ‘get the job done’ mindset and ‘no excuses’ attitude and work ethic.
Adebayo Deru Workshop
Adebayo’s workshop ‘See Beyond’ will be a classroom based learning environment; and there will be live demonstrations as well as opportunities for ‘one-to-one’ feedback. Key areas of interest that will be covered are: Composition, moments, workflow, post production, critique, and showing you how to create photos that evoke emotion.
There’s a £395 fee and it’s limited to 10 photographers.
To register for the event, send your contact information to
Adebayo Deru Workshop
A Special Offer To The EVN!
A special offer just for the members of the Elite Vendors Network (EVN)! Booking this event will give you the opportunity to have an exclusive one-on-one follow up with Mr. Deru himself; as well as 30 minutes of personal time with him.
Please send code EVNAD18 along with your email to the Adebayo Deru team to redeem this special offer. Adebayo’s team will check with EVN to confirm your EVN membership.
Terms & Conditions for this offer are:

  1.  The one-on-one session will be 30 mins only.
  2. You must redeem it within one year of the workshop
  3. You must still be a member of the EVN group at the time of redeeming.

Make sure you take the opportunity while you still can!
By Whitney J
Adebayo Deru WorkshopAdebayo Deru WorkshopAdebayo Deru Workshop