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About Us

About The Elite Vendors Network

Our Story

The Elite Vendors Network (EVN) is a group of professional wedding & events industry vendors dedicated to sharing event-related news, updates and opportunities & building better relationships in the industry.

The Elite Vendors Network wants to bring the services, creativity and talent of established and aspiring UK event vendors to the world and truly make the industry world-class.

The EVN is aiming to provide a positive, productive and progressive environment for the development and exchange of business between it’s members.

It aims to do so by doing regular face to face networking events to show the personalities behind the brands, providing training for better industry standards and service, and informing all members of the services available to them through a listed directory.

Our Vision & Mission Statement

To help it’s members achieve success the EVN is dedicated to it’s aims, which include:
1. Building better relationships and trust amongst EVN vendors.
2. Promoting business & networking amongst EVN members.
3. Promoting our members’ businesses to the world.
4. Sharing business news, event news, industry achievements and other related news amongst EVN members.
5. Providing information to help everyone raise their standards and level of service.
6. Providing business support to EVN business members.
7. Creating a support network that can benefit the EVN members as well as the wider community.

The EVN Leadership Team


Dean Carby has been a key player in the UK events industry for almost 20 years, originally starting as a radio DJ back when he was a college student to then becoming a popular club DJ and club promoter.

Over the years Dean learned that multiple visual and audio elements went into creating ‘the perfect event’, and started to supply them himself. This included audio, lighting, staging, furniture. dance floors and more.

Dean has worn numerous hats in the events industry as both an entertainer and a planner, but his main passions are designing and transforming event spaces, and also helping people to design and transform their businesses and lives via training, coaching and mentoring. He also loves to connect clients with suppliers and help vendors to connect with one another which he does via the Elite Vendors Network.

He knows from the experiences of himself, and others, that starting and maintaining creating careers, projects and ventures come with its challenges, and with him having seen and done so much himself from scratch; he helps to coach people along their own entrepreneurial and creative journeys.


Laura Toogood (her real name!) is one of the powerhouses behind the Elite Vendors Network. Laura is head of communications and her ability to connect with our members

Laura is a lady of integrity and her ability to understand the task at hand an actually get it done is second to none. Laura is a real asset to the Elite Vendors Network. With a background in both weddings and corporate events, Laura knows what is takes to deliver a great event and also run a great events business.

Laura has had over 10 years in the event industry full time and has seen it all from the high to the low. Laura has worked for multiple prestigious event industry brands including the PPHE Hotel Group and CH&Co Catering Group to name a few. She has sold high value event spaces for up to £100,000, and understands the customer journey when it comes to planning an event from enquiry right through to execution. Laura is always one step ahead with her deliverables!

Laura likes to help others achieve and be their best and see their vision come to life whether that be for a special occasion or their business aspirations, and since this what the Elite Vendors Network is all about she is the perfect fit for our team!


Joseph Aninakwa is a God fearing man, who is a husband and a father of two amazing young girls. He is a man of time and sees time, as the most expensive currency, which he really values. He is a very valuable member of the Elite Vendors Network leadership team, who is passionate about helping people to develop themselves, their businesses, as well as maximising their true potential.


He has over 15 years’ experience in roles such, as business development management , relationship management, membership engagement, mentoring, coaching and as a facilitator. Such a multitalented man cannot be boxed into just one role, but his main focus for the Elite Vendors Network is Membership Engagement.

Joseph is also the Founder and Managing Director of Eventful-Photobooths Ltd, which is a Photobooth and Experiential Marketing Company. He has worked on a range of projects with Amazon, Ping-Pong, Rita Ora, British Airway, DJ Cuppy and Beats by Dre. He strives to make sure that his business is customer focused, providing them with the best experiences that he can, which is why he is such a great fit for us at the Elite Vendors Network.


Tessa Williams means business! She is a valued member of the leadership team and is known for her attention to detail, reliability and getting the job done! She is in charge of keeping her eye on finances for the Elite Vendors Network.

Tessa is the Founder and Managing Director of A Touch Of Nevaeh, a wedding & events planning company that has done several events of notoriety. Tessa graduated from QC Event School in 2017 where she gained the knowledge she needed to get into the luxury wedding and event planning industry.

Today, she is a certified International Event and Wedding Planning Professional™ (IEWP®). This valuable certification shows her credibility and provides her with a competitive advantage over other luxury wedding and event planning specialists in the area.

Tessa is an experienced and dedicated professional with many years of event planning and business experience. She has a level 3 Diploma in Business Management which comes in handy when planning events. Tessa has over 14 years of customer service and banking experience which was gained from working in the financial industry. Some of her many skills including excellent organisation skills, great people skills and the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines!

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