2018; A Year of Decor, Styling & Business...

2018; A Year of Decor, Styling & Business…

Victo Rose London
Hello World!
It’s been a hot minute!
What an interesting year it’s been…it’s hard to believe it’s Christmas 2018 already!
Where has 2018 gone??? With only a few days left till the year is over, we thought we might end the year on a high note and get some momentum going as we start 2019!
Wow! The sound of 2019 has us beaming with excitement; reflecting back on “wedding decor 2018”, it’s amazing to see what decor within the event industry has become. We have thoroughly emerged in terms of style as well as taste. Bars have been raised, standards have been set and the competition amongst vendors has gone through the roof.
In terms of trend, mirrored table tops made a huge statement this year. It was also interesting to see new chair styles being introduced such as ‘The Louis Chair’ as supposed to the traditional chiavari chairs. Whats most delightful is seeing new decor companies springing up throughout our boroughs. Welcome aboard this ship newbies…make your mark, own it and win! Raise the bar even higher and keep the competition on their toes…
Victo Rose London
No wedding or event feels truly complete without styling and decor. However, simple they may be, decor can turn a special event into the magical, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that any client has always dreamed of. Now, decor doesn’t come easy; it requires a lot of thought and deliberate preparation.
“It takes a village to raise a child” is an African proverb which means that it takes an entire community of different people interacting with children in order for a child to experience and grow in a safe environment… We can boldly say the same principle here applies to the successful execution of any event. It takes a community of enthusiastic, supererogated professionals to ensure a successful execution of any event. …and we are proud to say that we had the pleasure of working and interacting with some of the individuals within the Elite Vendors Network this year.
Victo Rose London
A massive shout out to DJ MRI…An amazing man with an amazing heart of gold who possesses a ridiculous skill of “attention to detail”. Thanks ever so much for going over and beyond your call of duty anytime we get the pleasure of working alongside you. You lend a helping hand wherever necessary and make sure everything runs smoothly in every department even though you’re only there primarily to DJ.
To Stella of @eventsroyale…An amazing woman with an outstanding persona. Sweet but stern. Always there to support, advise and encourage us. Your cautionary tales are highly valued and we’re immensely grateful to have you as someone we can always call upon.
Victo Rose London
To uncle Nigel and crew of @favourscateringandevents – It’s always more than just business with uncle Nigel. Overtime, you become like family! Very particular about making sure you as a vendor are getting looked after. We were working next door to uncle Nigel sometimes in the year at the Intercontinental O2 Hotel at another event… Uncle, before he left for the day came to find us at our event and handed us takeaways!!! Thank you Uncle & Aunty Victoria and the crew for always looking after us as well as going above and beyond the call of duty for the couples. You are great role models.
To Dean Carby of @vnvlive… Talented and smart business man with a big heart. Always smiling. We remember those early days, and seeing where you are now..it’s so inspiring. We’re proud to be associated with you. Thank you for the random days you would call just to encourage us and say that you’re proud of us and are impressed at what we’re doing. It means a lot. …and working with you at these events is always fantastic as you offer a seamless service all the time. Thanks ever so much for always being a friend.
To the crew @mteventsmgmt & @mrtandohmc… You guys are phenomenal!! We met you guys recently but we love your energy and everything that you stand for. Thanks for all the lovely things you said to us when we worked together. It meant a lot. Looking forward to more events with you guys.Victo Rose London
A massive thank you also to all our other colleagues who have supported us, encouraged us, referred us, those who think very highly of us and to those who see our creations as inspirations. We love you all very dearly, and we’re grateful. We would mention more names but we just might not get to finish this post lol…
To all of our 2018 couples and celebrants who chose Victo Rose London (VRL) and believed in us to slay their weddings, and events respectively, we cannot thank you enough!!! There is no us without you. We are immensely grateful for your patronage and referrals.
To all the 960+ people who think us worthy to be followed on Instagram…wow! Thank you guys so much for being the best followers ever. Thank you for all the likes, lovely comments, the beautiful DM’s…honestly you guys rock…!
To all of our 2019 couples and celebrants who chose VRL… We promise, you will be glad you did!!
Here’s to a fabulous, fruitful & outstanding 2019.
Temi Ayodele – Victo Rose London
Victo Rose London
Victo Rose London