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Find and book the best African & Caribbean wedding vendors in the UK. Choosing the right team for your big day is an important one, so we’ve listed the best businesses for African & Caribbean weddings, to bring your vision to life.

Our Story

The Elite Vendors Network is an organisation that focusses on supporting, building and promoting businesses in the event industry. We are owned and run by wedding and event industry professionals, who are passionate about connecting vendors and making them visible to potential clients.

With us starting over 5 years ago and connecting hundreds of members together to date, we know that what we do works. We want to help the industry to move forward, and excel, by bringing a diverse industry together.

We want to educate and inspire business owners to take their game up to the next level. We provide the services and information that promotes small UK events businesses mainly from African, Caribbean & ethnic backgrounds.

We want our members to be recognised, appreciated and acknowledged in a crowded industry making them feel part of a community and helping them to grow.

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